High-performance reamers with internal cooling

all type reamers

Optimum coolant supply directly to the blade, special geometries, modern cutting materials and coatings enable high process reliability and the best results for almost all materials. This saves a lot of time and increases productivity significantly. BECK guarantees a high availability and short delivery times as a result of the large stock and a wide product range. All BECK high-performance reamers are available as through bore and blind hole variants. Further advantages include the additional cost-effectiveness and conservation of resources thanks to the option of repeated re-grinding with the in-house regrinding service at BECK.

High-performance reamers from BECK are available from stock for diameters up to 40 mm. Cermet, carbide, PcBN, PCD and various coatings are used as cutting materials depending on the type of tool

MR high-performance reamers
Flexible thanks to fixed, expandable or finely adjustable designs
Interesting alternative to solid carbide tools
Three series with the same dimension
MR high-performance reamers

High-performance reamers type RR
Guarantees high machining values and high process reliability
Specialist for the machining of steel and cast iron (GGG50) using Cermet cutting material
No thermal shocks thanks to optimum guidance of the cooling lubricant 

High-performance reamers type RR

 VR multi-tooth reamer

Optimum circularity of the bore due to a high number of blades
High running speeds with more power due to maximum number of blades
Short machining times, longer tool lives

VR multi-tooth reamer

High-performance reamers type HNC

Outstanding results thanks to special cutting geometry
Solid carbide with various high-strength coatings
Absolute concentricity stability thanks to Monoblock design
Particularly cost-effective in the diameter range 3 - 20 mm.

High-performance reamers type HNC

all type reamers

Fixed Reamers    Tools-n-Gizmos Reamer Basics - Fixed Reamer Picture
14pt Dot The reamer size is fixed and any size reduction due to wear or sharpening cannot be reclaimed

14pt Dot Constructed from a single piece of material or with permanently attached cutting edges (e.g. brazed carbide inserts).

Adjustable Reamers  
Tools-n-Gizmos Reamer Basics - Adjustable Reamer Picture
14pt Dot The blades of an adjustable reamer are separate from the body and are fitted into ramped grooves in the body.
75 pixel space As the blade slides along the groove the cutting diameter is changed.
14pt Dot Captive nuts located at each end of the blades lock them in a fixed position.
14pt Dot The cutting diameter can be adjusted by loosening one nut while tightening the other.
14pt Dot Each reamer has enough adjustment to cover the complete range from next smaller size to the next larger size
14pt Dot They are used mostly for repair work in the field.
14pt Dot Not intended for high production work.

Expansion Reamers   
  Tools-n-Gizmos Reamer Basics - Exspanion Reamer Picture
14pt Dot The expansion reamer has longitudinal cuts between some of its flutes.
14pt Dot It is hollowed out and threaded to receive a tapered screw plug.
14pt Dot The diameter of the reamer is increased by screwing in the tapered plug.
14pt Dot Maximum recommended expansion is around 0.010" (per Chadwick & Trefethen Inc)

Some sources of reamer information (e.g. TM 9-243) imply (or state outright) that expansion reamers are just another form of adjustable reamer (with a smaller adjustment range). Whereas, several manufacturers (e.g, Super Tool inc.) state that expansion reamers are not adjustable reamers. The expansion screw should NEVER be loosened or tightened in an attempt to use the reamer for a size other than that which it was finish ground. Expansion reamers are beneficial when the diameter wears down to the low limit. It can be expanded oversize and reground back to its original size. This can be done many times making the expansion reamer a very cost effective tool.


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