ITI Fitter Question paper is given below:2018 fitter trade. Question paper


1.A finish cut is given to improve the surface finish of a rough milled workpiece?

A.Decrease cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut
B.Increase feed rate, depth of cut and reduce cutting speed
C.Increase feed rate, depth of cut and cutting speed
D.Increase cutting speed, reduce feed rate and depth of cut
Ans: D

2.The normal module of a helical gear with real module (m) of 6.62 and having an angle of 25 deg is?
A.6.62 x sin 25 deg
B.6.62 x cos 25 deg
A.6.62 x tan 25 deg
A.6.62 x cot 25 deg
Ans: B

3.Thread ring gauges are used check external threads. Separate 'Go' and 'No Go' gauging members are provided. Which one of the following screw thread elements is not checked with the ring gauges?

B.Helix angle
D.Pitch diameter
Ans: B

4.Morse taper is one of the internationally accepted standard tapers. The morse taper are available in numbers from?
A.0 to 7
B.0 to 8
C.1 to 7
D.1 to 8
Ans: A

5.A gear wheel has 36 teeth (z) and 3 mm module (m) its pitch diameter cutter?
A.12 mm
B.75 mm
C.80 mm
D.108 mm
Ans: D

6.A main purpose of using worm and worm wheel drives in machines and their accessories is to?
A.Transmit large torque
B.Provide large speed reduction from worm shaft to worm wheel
C.Transmit higher speeds
D.Provide large speed reduction from worm wheel to worm shaft
Ans: B

7.The tooth thickness of rack is measured by?

A.Universal vernier caliper
B.Gear tooth vernier caliper
C.Flange micrometer
D.Gear tester
Ans: B

8.There are two types of milling processes based on the direction of cutter rotation and work feed direction in up cut milling?
A.The work is fed in the same direction as the rotation of the cutter
B.Chip removal starts at the thickness part
C.Machine with backlash eliminator is essential
D.The work is fed against direction of the cutter rotation
Ans: D

9.A Shaft is turned in one finish cut which one of the following parameters will directly influence the machining time?
A.Cutting depth
B.Setting angle
C.Diameter of work piece
D.Tool travel distance
Ans: D

10.In a planning machine the depth of cut is given by?
A.Adjusting tool slide
B.Rotating the feed screw of the tool holder
C.Moving cross slide
D.Lifting the work piece
Ans: B

11.You have to machine a flat surface on a work piece of two metres length. Which machine will you choose for this?
Ans: A

12.Why it is necessary to maintain an approach distance between the cutting tool and the work while working on shaping machine?
A.To cool down the cutting edge of the tool bit
B.To avoid any ridger at the end of workpiece
C.To allow the chips to fall and clear the cutting edge
D.To enable the clapper box to return to cutting
Ans: D

13.Oil grooves are to be cut in brass half bearings. Which one of the following chisels in suitable?
A.Flat chisel
B.Cross chisel
C.Half round nose chisel
D.Web chisel
Ans: C

14.The quality control allows at the most 0.4% defective parts, How many defective parts can be allowed in a production of 500 parts?
Ans: B

15.One which unit the tool setting is done on NC machine?
A.On special devices away from the machine
B.On the NC machine during idle time
C.On the pre setting devices
D.None of above
Ans: C

16.The component of the surface texture upon which the roughness is superimposed is known as?
A.Surface roughness
B.Surface texture
Ans: D

17.Which one of the following groups of properties enables the manufacture of chain hooks from wrought iron?
A.Ductillity, malleability and hardness
B.Hardness, toughness and ductility
C.Malleability, ductility and toughness
D.Hardness, toughness and brittleness
Ans: C

18.You have to file an aluminum block to a smooth finish, which one of the following cut of file is most suitable?
A.Double cut
B.Curved cut
C.Rasp cut
D.Single cut
Ans: A

19.Which one of the following is an artificial abrasive?
D.Silicon carbide
Ans: D

20.The grain size of a grinding wheel is indicated by numbers, which range of grain size referred to as 'Very Fine'?
A.10 - 24
B.30 - 60
C.80 - 180


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